Murphy offers customized, integrated solutions to meet the needs of every type of partner, from any industry.  We pride ourselves in taking full responsibility for the performance of our suppliers and making sure the resources, equipment, and personnel needed to get the job done are readily available.

With 46 years of experience under our belt, we empower our clients with a variety of tactics for reducing transit times and coordinating last-minute deliveries in the shortest time possible.

better solutions

We’re here to offer as much support as you need. Our track record of success, efficiency, and process modernization allows us to give each of our partners a competitive edge in their given markets.

exceptional domestic logistics support

Murphy Global Logistics is based in Houston, TX, and is dedicated to providing exceptional domestic logistics support in addition to international logistics coordination.

We take pride in being the first choice for many U.S.-based partners for their domestic logistics needs.  Murphy has obtained all necessary licenses and registrations to responsibly and swiftly deliver your freight at highly affordable rates.


The management team and staff, here at Murphy Global Logistics, are intimately conversant with coordinating logistics operations in the Nigerian and Caspian markets, including Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

We have extensive, “on-the-ground” experience meeting the Nigerian and Caspian requirements for local customs clearance and hazardous materials handling. In addition, our on-site support in these areas can help ensure a seamless transition through customs for your drilling and exploration equipment as well as your other valuable cargo.



For over 46 years, Murphy has been finding better solutions, applying better technology, and building better relationships. We’re proud to be the best. We owe it to being BETTER.
trusted by the best

Our management team and staff have coordinated, managed, and successfully completed major freight forwarding and shipping projects for companies like Exxon Mobil, Schlumberger, Chevron, and others in some of the most difficult and demanding regions in the world.