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Air Freight

At Murphy Global Logistics, we have extensive experience and an excellent reputation as an international airfreight transporter. Because of this, we often receive special Civil Aviation exemptions to transport unusual or hazardous goods, which would normally be forbidden for airfreight. We are also able to carefully select routes and services based on our experience that avoid risky transshipment points, and to expertly evaluate cost benefits against transit time.

Ground/ Domestic

Murphy Global Logistics is based in Houston, TX and is dedicated to providing exceptional domestic logistics support in addition to international logistics coordination.  We take pride in being the first choice for countless U.S. based partners for their domestic logistics needs.  Murphy has obtained all necessary licenses and registrations to responsibly and swiftly deliver your freight at highly affordable rates.

Ocean Freight

The management team and staff here at Murphy Global Logistics has a comprehensive, up-to-date database of first-class vessel operators for our ocean freight services. This means we can match your cargo to the best ocean freight service available on the market, regardless of your cargo type or port of destination.  We have qualified representatives in every major port, so we can ensure that all of your cargo is safely and efficiently discharged from vessel to rail.

Supply Chain

Murphy Global Logistics makes it simple for our partners to take advantage of our extensive experience, resources, and network of carriers by managing your logistics project from start to finish in a professional and expedient fashion.  We have maintained our excellent reputation by taking full responsibility over the entire process while keeping our partners up-to-date and well-informed at all times.  Every step of the way, Murphy has you covered.

Nigerian and Caspian Shipping Experts.

The management team and staff, here at Murphy Global Logistics, are intimately conversant with coordinating logistics operations in the Nigerian and Caspian markets, including Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. We have extensive, “on-the-ground” experience meeting the Nigerian and Caspian requirements for local customs clearance and hazardous materials handling. In addition, our on-site support in these areas can help ensure a seamless transition through customs for your drilling and exploration equipment as well as your other valuable cargo.

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