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At Murphy Shipping and Commercial Services, Inc., our innovative tracking and receiving system, complete with proper material receipts, gives us the ability to manage inventory, produce accurate documentation, and track the movement of your merchandise until it reaches its destination. Our tracking system, which utilizes bar code technology enables us to scan even the smallest of items into a database for computerized inventory and export control. Our well-trained receiving team will receive your freight in a timely manner, and provide accurate weights, measurements, and inventory to your account representative. We can also expedite your orders, and have the equipment to handle any kind of material you need moved. Our outstanding receiving service is a valuable part of our comprehensive logistical support that we offer through each phase of the exporting process, from receiving to the delivery of cargo to its final destination.

Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services, Inc. 1812 Peach Leaf St.  Houston, TX 77039-1232  281-590-2193  Fax: 281-590-3793