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Air Freight

At Murphy Shipping and Commercial Services, Inc., we have extensive experience and an excellent reputation as an international airfreight transporter. Because of this, we often receive special Civil Aviation exemptions to transport unusual or hazardous goods, which would normally be forbidden for airfreight. We are also able to carefully select routes and services based on our experience that avoid risky transshipment points, and to expertly evaluate cost benefits against transit time. Our airfreight services include:

  • A cost-effective, door-to-door, airfreight service to the four corners of the globe
  • A full range of consolidated airfreight options
  • Direct airfreight (door-to-airport) shipments for your more urgent cargo needs
  • Knowledgeable, capable support for your supply chain management and Just-In-Time delivery requirements
  • Express air courier service from Houston to Nigeria, with door-to-door delivery in only six days

Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services, Inc. 1812 Peach Leaf St.  Houston, TX 77039-1232  281-590-2193  Fax: 281-590-3793